Dr. Tovar also shares three tips on how to get naked and start dissolving those issues that don’t let you function at your best. Identify the problem, right? So we can do like the tidying up of your emotional closet, you start feeling, okay, why am I feeling anxious or depressed or sad or stuck, or just really drained of energy?

You identify the problem. And then you ask yourself again, just like we said, is this something that is a feeling that it’s coming from something from the past? Is it a feeling that it’s coming from something that I’m anxious about the future? Or is it something that is happening right now?

And just by identifying that, you just name your list, right, of your emotions and you know where they’re coming from, and then you let go of the ones from the past.

You let go of the ones from the future, and you just focus on the ones in the present, and then you write an action step that you can do for that one feeling, that anxiety, that whatever is happening, and that will help you remove all that emotional stress, because now you have one thing that you can do about it and the rest you just let go.