Contour Light Red Light Therapy - Now Available At Dynamic Chiropractic Center!

A Safe Alternative To Liposuction!

You can lose inches in just one session of Contour Light Therapy...

... and now, with our limited time special offer package, you can save over $150 on your Contour Light treatment

Our Contour Light package includes all of the following:

Full length Contour Light Treatment

INCLUDED: 25 minute of the latest body sculpting and contouring red-light therapy

Post Therapy Vibration Plate Session

INCLUDED: Step on the vibration plate to aid the natural removal of those broken down fat cells

Personalized Plan

INCLUDED: Pre + post session measurements and we'll recommend a personalized fat loss/ weight loss program.

Contour and sculpt those trouble areas without endless hours in the gym!

A Non-Intrusive Alternative:

Contour Light treatment is safe, painless and non-invasive.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It....

Contour Light in Miami

Contour Light has helped thousands of clients across North America to reach their health and body goals....

About Your Practitioner

Introducing Dr. Aura Tovar and her team!

Dynamic Chiropractic Center is a 5 star clinic that has been optimizing the health of the Miami community for over two decades. 

Dr Aura is not only a chiropractor with more than 20 years experience but also a personal coach, international speaker and founder of the “Get Naked” series. For over two decades Dr Aura has been serving the Miami community as the owner and family chiropractor at Dynamic Chiropractic Center.  

Chiropractic Care in Miami

Meet TALIA - Your Weight Loss Coach!

Serving the Miami community for over 20 years!

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients lie on a treatment bed and the pads are placed over the areas to be treated. When system is turned on the patient feels a slight warming sensation, but no pain or discomfort – Some will even take a short nap!

Yes. Contour Light is safe and effective. The light emitted by Contour Light does not generate excessive heat and will not cause a burn. 

Contour Research, LLC conducted an IRB-Approved Clinical Trial Involving 118 participants who lost an average of 2.49″ in just ONE Contour Light® Session.

These results are publicly available on the Clinical Trials Official Government Website.

(Ref #NCT04451824)

If a patient maintains a healthy lifestyle of a diet and exercise program that promotes weight control, results can be long term.

Each Contour Light® Session only takes 25 Minutes once under the lights, followed by a 10 minute Vibration Plate Session. Because of this, a lot of clients are able to come in on their lunch breaks.

* Please note that if you are a first time Contour Light® Client, please allow for 75-90 minutes for your first session. First session consists of: Initial Exam / Brief Health History, Pre Measurements (to get a baseline for your starting point), 1 Full-Length Contour Light® Session (25 Minutes), Post Measurements (to see exactly how many inches you lost), 10 Minute Vibration Plate Session (to push the newly liquified fat into the lymphatic system), Personalized Consultation w/ Recommendation of Personalized Program to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Most clients experience anywhere between 1-6+ INCHES lost in their very first Contour Light® Session. Results vary from person to person. 

Everybody has a different starting point and different personal fitness goals.

Based on how your body responds to your first Contour Light® Session, a personalized fat/weight loss program with a recommended number of sessions to achieve your desired goal will be discussed.


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